Sunday, 1 June 2014

Rising of the new dawn

The alarm of the new morning rang, slowly, the darkness volatilized and clouds gathered to welcome the first sun of the  fresh month. Dim blue and gradually turning light and then bright, the cool breeze swirled all round the air decorating the day with kisses and hugs.

The buffaloes far away, sensed the air, recognized the breeze. Standing on their four legged upright position, they marched individually in search of green.

Completely drenched into the Disney land of dreams meeting people unknown and doing impossible, the social animals lie dead on the bed with air going in and out of the nose. The coolness and freshness does not seep in through the barrier of so called houses, buildings when the early morning sun ticks in. Heat of the fire afternoon, awaits for the moment to pull them tiger up.

Well, the time has come. A small ray of light pushes hard through the tiny hole between the cottony clouds. The clouds get the signal. As i wait and observe through the window of my hostel, the clouds shuffles away gradually, giving way to the first rays of the day light. Bright shining light glows in between and touches the land all over. Factory of green plants rooted down upright into the earth opens to get prepared for the photosynthesis, now that their source of meal has arrived. The ray of hope, source of living and promise of new beginning, the Rising of New Dawn.

A clear sky, bright blue, color of fresh, early bud, new beginning and new HOPE!!


  1. Very inspiring. I am amazed that you took care to shot the photos of dawn when most of us enjoy the late morning slumber. You had creative shot except 5th image which appeared blur otherwise everything is just superb.

  2. Kadrinche Monu....I thought you would have known why i woke up early that day!!!