Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Towards the Namdroling Monastery. Part 2.

Brightly colored spectrum of VIBGYOR scattered into an arc above the shinning golden plated statues as if the god and goddesses of heaven has seated immobile guarding the purity of the sacred temple. A sudden gush of peaceful feeling prick the heart of every viewer visiting for the first time as soon as the arc of heavenly rainbow is spotted.

"Gateway towards the paradise", should it had been, the entry majestically leads to Zangdopelri and the huge golden temple. Trees well nurtured which were planted years before when Penor Rinpoche with few monks took refuge in this land after the Tibetan invasion, has now shooted up so beautifully that a remarkable difference can be made between the vegetation within the monastic premises and the vegetation little bit further away.

  It is said that the temple was built with only 300 rs that His Holiness Penor Rinpoche had when he first came there in 1960s. Only the ground floor was built at first, slowly the 2nd,3rd and the 4th were added.

Two of us, after our nap for 2 hours, put on our gho and started our venture towards the cleansing our mind into the Zangthopelri Zhingkham.
With a sacred expression of sadness, the ground floor carries the statue of Guru Rinpoche and it is said when Penor Rinpoche had himself liberated from the earth, the statue grieved as well and a marked difference in its expression is recorded in a footage before and after the His Holiness. It was un-believable.

Up above on the 2nd floor had the statue of Guru Rinpoche with his two consorts on either sides. Towards the left was the Penor Rinpoche's statue in a meditating position. After he breathed his last, his body had been in that position for 7 days.

On the 3rd was the Chenrig Zig and the top most had the statue of Lord Buddha.
The temple was a depiction of how the real Zangthopelri existed in the heaven which we ordinary beings would perhaps never get to be there.
"GOLDEN TEMPLE", as it is said to have been named by a foreigner and is spread like wise, lies few meters away from the Zangthopelri. A small opening leads way into a giant hall with giant statues of Lord Buddha at the middle, Guru Padmasambhawa towards the right and Yepamey statue to the left in the far end of the hall. The walls painted brightly depicting the history of god and goddesses in their search towards truth, attaining nirvana and subdueing the evils.

Hundreds of indian tourist crawled over the floor, some coming in, some out, mostly snapping pictures. We offered our prayers and headed towards Droelma lhakhang.

The area surrounding monasteries had flowers, green tall trees and grasses growing fresh all over. Well plated flat stones in between as if the sacred garden of heaven was brought plucked from above.  If one wish to experience paradise, Mysore monastery will have you in.

Our first day visit ended with some Tibetan momo and indian biriyani. Traditional Tibetan shops occupied the area outside the gate with ant- like tourist crawling all along the streets. Finally, we headed back to our room for the second night doze off.


  1. I saw your photos in Facebook. It's a very beautiful monastery! Hope you post the photos here very soon Kinley! :)

  2. Beautiful! Though I didn't go there with you guys but I almost felt like i reached there.