Friday, 6 December 2013

A soup of supportive love to my Sister

The day of 5th December was a day planned for the the fellow graduates to finally know their fate of future which they will be living along with throughout their life. 'Joy of happiness for the success" for some and " sorrow of failure" for some. Some would have already stored pennies to give treats to their loved ones for their rising up and some ready to use their handkerchief. 
Well, like all of them, i was also in a state of  apprehensiveness along with excitement, not for myself, but for my dear sister. She got through the Preliminary round and  also came with a sweet of satisfaction on her face after she did her final. We were quite sure that, if not that good, she would at least make it through with satisfying fruit. But, the result banged not only her heart but mine too. By one point, she didn’t qualify and I am sure it would have been a disaster for her.  
I know she had been crying whole day after knowing her results. I can feel the pain and the lowness that is jumping inside  her at the moment. So, though I am not near her, I want to reach out my support  to her through my freedom diary .

Dear sis,

I know how much you been working hard, burning the midnight lamp and waking early to prepare and give your best for the final test of your life after 16 years of continuous studying. Whole of my vacation, I have seen how hard you fought your sleep to gather the knowledge from the papers into your mind and always being surrounded by them day and night. I know you have  always been feeling responsible for the family being the eldest  and I have no words for thanking you for how cherishing and caring you have been to me and brother. I know that you have been battle ling hard to soon get yourself secured, in order  to lend a hand to our father to loosen his burden a bit. Despite all of your input, the fruit bore a bitter taste. I know how hard it is for you to absorb this at the moment but we never know what the next chapter of your life would bring upon your shoulder. Things might have turned out like this , may be to give you a bigger surprise for you in the coming future. May be it is too early for you. I have full faith that your hard work won’t go in vain. May be the result of just now would have been just a trick to you. Real one might be, yet to come. Have patience, strong willed and know that you brother  will always be by your side to protect and pull you up whenever you fall. Lets us fight this together keeping in our mind that this a just a temporary wound which would soon shed off giving you a brand new skin of life. Let us think not of past but of present and future by which we will bring a change not only in our life but in our parent’s life too and make them proud of having us.

                “Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment.                        Full effort is full victory.” 
                        ― Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Very sweet post by a sweet brother. I can see the heaviness of emotions loaded in it, and your love for your sister is envious. I knew that you are as sad as your sister. But we should accept it as an opportunity for greater idea. I think God don't want such a hardworking girl to be confined in a cauldron of government office, He wants her to be someone greater in another capacity.
    I feel sorry for both of you. And Kinley, don't ponder much on it, I have seen you quite sad this afternoon unlike your ever smiling face. Take care. take it positively as you mentioned in your post.

  2. though younger, brother's are always the inspiration and motivation for us "big sisters" to work harder every time.. thank you and your piece was really good and touching.. it made me miss my brother who always stands back to prevent me from falling hard whenever things turn wrong and when am all down... little brothers are the best and awesomest of all.........