Monday, 6 January 2014

When HE said.......

When he told he felt something while watching you from distance - it was one of the greatest truth he ever told to anybody.

When he said your smile radiated toxins of attractive beauty which he failed to notice before- it was the most honest compliment from the deep core of his heart.

When his heart started to beep in unusual manner- he knew, that time his heart wasn't with him, it was with you.

When he finally said, he want to give a part of his heart to be grafted with yours- it wasn't just words, it was the words worth more than 13 million dollars that you can earn in 13th day of a month every year.

When he asked you for a date, he asked for the memories of Love that he wanted to nurture and care all along the journey of his life with you.

When he told he wanted to marry you, he didn't just say it, he meant that because he knew he couldn't give a daughter in law more better than you to his parents.

When you said NO every time, he believed that he would change that to YES one day.

When he saw you being close to others other than him, he wasn't being possessive, he was just afraid that he was not making you comfortable enough for you to approach him first..

When friends moked him about you spending time with others instead of him, he consoled himself that it was going to change one day, one day you won't have space other than him.

When he got angry with you, he expected you to understand 'WHY' he was angry, not to hear you say, 'I don't like you doing that'.

When he comforted you with Lies sometimes, he wasn't expecting you to see him as liar. He was just not brave enough to see you hurt with his mistakes.

IF and only IF you had that powerful heart to dig inside him  and see through his eyes, you guys won't be this way. It wasn't a fault of either of you two. You had your own expectations and your own willingness. You did like him but couldn't understand him at all, neither did he to you. And relationship without understanding is just like a earth without Oxygen,. You will suffocate and die within your own surroundings.

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  1. Lovely post dude. I thought you copied and pasted from some romantic website. But upon inquiring you I knew that it is your own creation. Loved it very much and seems every word you scribbled reflect your personal life very much hahaha...sorry if my guess is wrong.