Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Daily Hours of the day.

Nothing special did it come to my way this days. I didn’t have the enthusiasm to share anything. My usual waking up at 9:00, getting dressed up for the class at 10. In between some noddles for the breakfast. I got no class in the morning in the first three days of a week which are my best days because I don’t have to worry about pulling my body from the bed till noon. The post- three days are the worst. Class at 8:30, lab postings, break for 1 hour and then back to another class and again lab postings.

I reach back to hostel, lie on the bed for few hours. It will be already dust by then. The dark evening makes the environment ideally fresh and cool to hang out for a walk. I will be back to hostel and then, a very long hour with friends, hot conversations about this and that, movies, facebook, youtube, dinner and again facebook and movies till my eyes get swollen enough to drag me back to sleep which will be only around midnight.

Time is moving like an invisible bullet train knocking my head time and again. Still then, the lazy young mind gets carried away by the tide of busy century.

The circle of my useless usual hours repeats again the next day.  

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