Sunday, 12 January 2014

A small piece of Help.

Wearing a dull, faded yellow, thin robe over her, i have been seeing this little girl roaming around the campus of our college time and again.
There is nothing new in seeing a beggar following you and pulling your hand, your shirt begging for a penny or so in India. It is common all over India including the metro cities.
I saw that girl  many times but she never ran onto me. But today, when i was sitting near the bike parking with my friend, the girl approached us lending her open palm forward.
"I already gave her yesterday", my friend said.
"Meri pass paisa nahi hai", i said and told her to leave. I lied. I had but only 10 rupees in my pocket, kept to buy a pen as my previous pen was lost somewhere.
She kept waiting and staring at us. With low voice she was still whispering "sir, sir". I could make out by her lip movement.

After sometime, i asked her name in Kanada( the local language of people in karnataka). I picked up few of the basics from my local friends.
"Ninna asaroo anu?", her expression seemed freaked out. haha!! she didn't expect that from me. She was surprised and didn't say anything but kept staring for a moment. I asked her again.

"Radh...." i heard something coming out. "what?"."once again!!".i told her.
I finally got it."Radhamma". Ok fine. Her name was Radhama. After that, i had no other kannada words, so i too kept quite and  had my eyes off her.

10 minutes later, she lowered herself and turned her head looking around for people again. There i noticed her eyes had turned  numb, weak and the face had that 'innocence' that we used to have while crying when we were of her age. At her age, we were already enrolled in school and would have already caught up few of A for apple and B for ball. We were lucky enough to be born in Bhutan with our parents being able to keep the two ends met.
The time where she is supposed to play and sing "head and shoulder", she is out in open, begging from people to people only to fill her tiny belly or may be to add an income to her family.

She slowly left and a guilt pinched me. If my 10 rupees can  make a little difference to her life, then it would make me feel great satisfaction that i have at least done a small good deed today which is something i never tend to do in this busy world.
I took out the money but she was already gone far away. I was sure i will meet her again, so i reserved that 10 rupees back in my save pocket bank.
But on the same day, after 1 hour, i met her near the shop. She was running from people to people. There i slowly ran towards her and gave her my love of Rs. 10 to her. I took a snap of her as i wanted to write about her in my blog. She was again shocked and freaked out. Her expression told me everything. I gave a HUGE smile and left.

                                         Freaked out Radhamma. I think you made my day.


  1. Good job Boy. We are in need of someone with a big heart like you. And the way you narrated is very great. Keep blogging. You already made a great start for the day.

  2. I am sure you would have seen that girl too Monu. Thank you man. You were my inspiration in writing and you will always be.

    1. Surely I have seen her. When you say it, I too remembering giving her Rs.1 coz that was what I had. You know my financial status. Hahaha

    2. Did you really give her Rs.1. I even doubt that! :P

  3. A beautiful act n indeed a nice post. Keep blogging.

  4. Hi Kinley! For you It might be only a small piece of help. But for her, it might be immense help. Keep up your kindness and compassion to help those who are in deep need. Just hope the money was used by her and her family and not fall to other's hands because I often heard of the beggar's gang in India.

  5. Thank you Rima for visiting and dropping your comment!!!