Thursday, 9 January 2014

Congratulations To me: I passed

After a very long wait, perhaps the longest, finally we got our result. Pillow under my head just a few minutes ago and there i got my phone beeped with heavy vibration. I almost rejected but i didn't.

"Onng!!, Gache mo?"
"slept?, give me your Index number", my friend, Baku, said from the other side.

I sprang from my bed and reached my finger to the log on button of my laptop.

"Result out yasonuya?"
"ya, give me fastttt...."
" Sorry dost and yeah,thank you baku!!" I hung up.

Heart beat was into a racing mode now. As the laptop welcomed me, my mind jumping up and down. The desktop icon flashed it's light. Still it took some more time to load the whole icons. I 'refreshed' it again and again.
And, clicked the "google chrome", "", "examination result" and there.......i saw, towards the left side of the table...MLT RS2. YES!! result was out. Heart raced faster.

Reluctantly and slowly i entered my register number and closed my eyes for a moment. My heart missed a beat when i finally saw it.

CONGRATULATIONS!! I passed!! Not only passed but i got pretty colorful result this year. "Distinction", it brought me more pull towards my smile. I have managed to get more than 75%.
Last time i felt like this was when i got my class 10 BCSE result. Totally unexpected, exceptionally good marks. :p. haha..self praise is a donkey praise.. The thing is i am very much happy.

I would have been more happy if it was my future RCSE result. If it was it, then, i will have no more exams to do, but have a secured job enough to share the burden of my parents. My parents would have been more happier than me and i would have been most happiest to pass on the news to them.
Hope to expect an unexpected happy shocking news in THAT future. LOL.

Beginning of 2014 January has brought a good start. :). 


  1. Very Big Congo from my side. You did it. And yeah good kick start for the year 2014. And hoping that you would keep it up and bring the best in your final year also.

  2. Congrats Kinley! You have done a great job! I'm sure your parents would be proud with your results. I used to be like you too. Feeling ecstatic upon looking at the good exam results, well, not necessarily good, for some subject, at least pass ^^ Keep up your good work Kinley!