Monday, 16 December 2013

A Wonderful Weekend: An encounter with imaginary Wangdue Phodrang dzong

Noticed something familiar???  Well, i did and realized only when I took a snap of it.

It was Saturday. Was a hurrah day for me after having a hectic continuous week of sleepy classes in the lecture room . As  evening approached with the sun dipping behind the hills spreading the beautiful reddish yellow rays, I took a ride on a bike with my friend towards the Amtalab park, the one and only place to be having a restful and peaceful weekend. The night there wasn’t so quite though, family, friends, couples all seated on the hard-stone seats  having a view of amtalab lake surrounded by glittering, colorful lights all around. 
Firstly, both of us wanted to fulfill the desire of our grumbling stomach asking for a delicious gobi manchuri or a pasta. We ordered a pasta plate each from the restaurant situated near by on the first floor with the open roof with fresh air kissing all around us and a beautiful view of the park below.

Delicious feast of the night: Mouth watering pasta.

Then, we strolled through the lighted street of the park where people were all enjoying the weekend feast of peaceful rest. All the seats were occupied, so we stood near the edge and had infront of us a magnificent lake shining with the reflections of moon and lighted houses around .
Just then, I turned around onto my left side where the hill occupying the ancient castle- like, long stones arranged one upon another about a 100 m long in height had my eye captured. The edge of the area was lightened by beautiful green glitters within a certain distance apart from eachother. In the day, we never take notice because it looks just like an old,dry muddy part of stones, attached to the hill. But when I took a picture of it, it instantly made me feel that the design somewhat or almost resembled what looked like the Wangdue Phodrang Dzong after the fire engulfed it completely last year. It  was as if I was standing on the highway road below, where my imagination took hold and  made my past memory of  Wangdue Phodrang Dzong resurface.  It felt ,as if the dzong has enliven just infront of me cutting thousands of distance and at that moment, it took me miles away from India only to have myself standing on a cozy stone watching the old, yet historically beautiful castle of Wangdue. I almost forgot about the dzong blazed into fire and how the history of many centuries also got burned along with it. Hope the reconstruction work is already on its way to completing.

It was a perfect weekend which took me back to my motherland and I have decided to often  visit that again to experience  the miracle of flying thousands of miles and tour above the gigantic, elephant castle.

Heavenly way towards the lake.

Amtalab lake

Imaginary fortress of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong in Raichur.

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