Thursday, 12 December 2013

Mulee khang :Raddish stem

Chopped into pieces of about 2cm each, mixed along with onions and tomato and red chilli powder over it and some salt to add a taste. That become the traditional pickle( raddish stem ezay) of Bhutanese mostly common among the sharchop families prepared very easily and fast. That’s one of mother’s favorite. She would call upon her friends and neighbor aunts and deliciously prepare with lots of spicy talks  about other aunts and laugh out loud with their mouth wide open such that if we try to throw a grape, we wouldn’t miss the target. Hahaha!!( quite a exaggeration though…:D). It is included in most of our meal menu at home.

At home, it doesn’t flavor my taste bud much, so it wouldn’t be on my plate most of the time. But, here, yesterday when I saw the fresh raddish with long beautiful stems on it, it instantly triggered a picture of mother’s watery mouth and the way she used to eat with full delicacy and enjoyment. So, I thought to include that into our dinner menu so as to bring back my memories of home back alive.
I was sure that the flavor wouldn’t be as same as it used to be when my mother prepared but to my surprise, it tasted much more better and was delicious. I had some chili powder mixed with pepper brought from home during my vacation last month, I added that along with tomato and an onion. Some salt, ginger and garlic paste and little melted cheese from the curry we were preparing. Then, I mixed with full force of my palm and finally came to be like the one seen below in the picture.

Doesn't seem tasty in the picture though but we had it best with our meal.

Having to make traditional items in  a place  far away from our motherland is an enjoyable moment where few of us from same place get to be together and feel the presence of “home sweet home” air all around us.


  1. Your curry looks very delicious! I think you tasted real good for you guys. But mind you, you can never beat your mum in cooking.

  2. Thank you sir Riku. The feeling of better taste was probably because of having after long time and that also in a place away from home.