Friday, 27 December 2013

Year draws near to end........

Dawn of new year is nearing and yet I haven’t thought of any resolution. I have no plans to have a resolution though, since it  has never got well along with me. I would rather want to go back to days, weeks and months that I have left behind to remember all the deeds that I have done. 
Our body is physiologically and psychologically organized in such a way that it is not in our hand to control certain emotions that we encounter in our life. Happiness tends to bring joy in us ultimately finding the world infront of us full of happiness and when sadness and anger creeps in, everyone around us is a disaster.

Like everyone, the year of snake for me had been a cup of sweet coffee some times while some had been poisonous enough to make the moments one of the worst nightmare.  There were times where I used to make whole lot of people laugh and smile and yet some boiled in anger sometimes because of me. Moments where I made great things out of everything and yet spoiled some things very badly. Times where I devoted myself in reflecting the state of impermanence and prayed for all living beings.  And yet, lost my track again and got involved in activities unhealthy for me if I were to take my last breathe. I did and enjoyed my life with my friends with the thought of not getting the gift of human life next again. Along with it, I did waste a lot of my precious time forecastinating and lengthening my life to be having still more 50 years to be alive. 
The most important people in my life, my parents had been happy throughout having to see me smile but I made my mother cry once because she couldn’t stand seeing me with a smile anymore since the smile was not natural but induced by ‘OH’. I might have smiled for a very much longer period where she couldn’t stop her tears falling down because my lips were stretch involuntarily by the toxic maize juice ( asham juice) in my blood.
Do’s or don’t, I have had both equally in my life. For the good do’s that I have done in the year 2013, I wish to have my motivation spirited high up and keep me up forever awaken with it and for all the don’ts which I would have done intentionally or unintentionally, I wish to beg for forgiveness and help me get rid of those stimulus which brings about those actions and prevent me from further committing it.

I pray that the “Prayers of those wearing red robes residing in isolated caves, Rimpoches, Lamas,
trulkus, and all the lay mans constantly meditating and begging pardon from the almighty of wisdom to free sentient beings from the world of suffering”  be fulfilled

AND….Happy New Year to the fellows all around the globe. May the year bring  star of lovely surprises to make your life glow with infinite voltage of glittering power.

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