Saturday, 7 December 2013

Blog for change

Just like 'toast for change', 'taste for change' and 'dance for change', i chose to keep the title of my blog today as 'Blog for change' because i believe myself also to be a" freedom writer".
Since the day i read a review on this movie "freedom writers" in Sir Passu's blog few months ago, i had been searching to get hold of it. Luckily i got it just after a month i read about it.
Most of you must have read and watched the movie as well. I, too, have been straining my eyes time and again with this movie which, every time i watch awakens something powerful inside me( yet to discover that powerful thing...wink!!). That is why i wanted to give my own review on the movie to be shared online with my fellow readers.

Miss. Erin Gruwell

With a fight among the students, Miss Gruwell's first class in the school starts. Class divided into groups of different racial origin and everyone with hot burning grudge against each other, ever ready to start a battle. She tries hard to make the class peaceful and interesting. Instead of just lectures, she let the students understand her lessons through audio visual clips and through games. During one of her class, to bring some union among the parted class, she organizes a game where she let  them  stand on the line made on the floor if the question she ask correlates to their lives. A turning point strikes in which one of  her question silences the whole mood of the class. "How many of you have lost your loved ones, your friends, in a fight?". 90% of the students stands on the line. There, everyone realizes that they were not alone in case of losing someone they loved and understood the impact,  fights and angers brought in their lives.

To each one of them, she gives a diary where she tells them to write anything they want but to write and maintain everyday. All of the students come forward and jot down their own share of sorrow  they faced in their personal lives. By doing a part time job, Miss.G( as mentioned by students) buys the book " Diary of Anne Frank" and hand over each copy to the students and ask them to relate it to their lives. She takes them to the museum and shows the clips of the people who fought discrimination and racism during early centuries and what impact that brought to them. The constant hard work of Miss G pays off and soon she finds her students shining with positive changes. Everyone finds a reason to correct their lives. Miss G gains trust from all her students BUT unfortunately, the knot of her own  personal life loosens under the hands of unpredictable fate where she gets divorced with her husband. 
Despite all of that, she continues to support her class. She is a great inspiration to all the teachers around the world and  a picture form of example to the students to understand the difficulties, a teacher has to go through. 
The" freedom writer diary" depicts that we are not alone who come across disastrous challenges in life and teaches us how to tackle them. 

The two Miss.Gs with the freedom writers

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