Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blogging Enthusiasts

Every time i come across a blogger's page who are new to me, i instantly fall for their expression of thoughts into words. Every blogger individually has different way towards the approach of words but the passion and ability for writing are equally strong in every bloggers.

Of late i have been enthusiastically reading the blog posts of Mr.Thinley Kuenzang(or Pelden Sonam Nima, guess he kept it after his daughters' name) from his blog web here. I didn't read all yet, i'm on my way and i 'm just struck by his way of expressing his thoughts, feelings, opinions on various topics and fields. His every post that i have read, i enjoyed it thoroughly. I came across his blog from one of the blogger's page and i'm trying to follow him but it's not working due to some problem with my account. I'm trying to figure out on that.
I made a line by line look onto the various labels he has put upon on the last part of his page. He has a great variety of choices for the readers.The labels itself occupies a think space below. He has  his own say and his own say gives way to different varieties of topics, be it family, work, nature, photography, politics, animal, love, life, news, movies, interest, inspirations, rules, law, anger, happiness etc. He had pulled the strings from all the corners and gathered bountifully into his freedom platform.

Similarly, for the first time, it was through the Diary of Passu, reading his life stories, incidence, opinions, feelings that my love of blogging grew. He as well has a very strong say on whatever topics he writes with a mix of few humorous languages which i like the most. Sir Riku's post always brought peace in me. He had always something fresh and heart touching . His Blog Page itself is so simple and light colored which exactly correlates with his post and his opinions on diverse nature topics. I haven't seen him changed his blog template ever since i started visiting his blog and i guess he knows that, there isn't any far better template to describe him than his current one. Abyss of freedom with my friend Monu who introduced me into the blogging universe is also an active blogger who has so many things to write. Within a speck of time, he would complete writing his blog whereas for me, it takes longer time. Be it political, personal or anything, he has always a strong point and his ability to bind words on words with magical rhythm makes me admire his work a lot. Like wise Sherub Tenzin, Sangay cholden, Tashi Gyem, Langa tenzin, Sogyal, most of the bloggers, individually has so much to pour out and i'm so proud of how much capable  Bhutanese are in terms of  one's expression of thoughts and opinions.

As of blogs aboard, i have no contact much. I have only come across Rima Reyka.., an Indonesian Chinese living in Singapore, a blogger who entered into blogging at around 2004 and till now has been consistently maintaining the blog almost everyday. Ever since, i read her first topic on Bhutan, i have been reading all her experiences being in tour all around Bhutan, to the places where i haven't reached also and her expression of emotions into simple words are indeed of great admiration. She has so many things to write everyday and with cute, funny pictures she attaches, her blog flavor seems much more sweet.

 Journey with Choki Gyeltshen is indeed so beautiful and peaceful. He is much more into photography almost regularly to post pictures. His magical pictures of animals, wild flowers, forest, trees are just astounding. With his images, i meet with the rich existence of flora and fauna lying in deep corners of our own country, learn their names and feel their immense beauty inside out of our heart. If you too wish to see...click here, i'm sure you would feel the touch too.

 Like wise, i know there are many more bloggers now as well as bloggers yet to come within the circle of our  own thunderous land  who has these similar  great ability with words and write ups. I haven't come across many till now. Above are few of those enthusiastic bloggers whom i appreciate a lot for their work and i go  through their blog almost regularly. Without a break, they have post chain after chain on diverse topics and it is indeed so great that because of them only, the blogging has become a recognizable personal activity to be cherished and enjoyed thoroughly at any time, anywhere, whenever we want.

 I have just joined two and half years back, and i have learned many things from blogging and bloggers and yet still more to learn, actually rather want to keep on learning with every new blogs i come across along with the current blogs i  follow.


  1. Sorry for dragging you out of your bed to make you post this. It always develops curiosity when our blogger friends write something about blogging. So was I.

    And thank you so much for those high words for me. Indeed, it is the reflection of your own capability to shower us with such great words. It is less of the virtue of our works.

    Keep blogging. You are one of the blogger whose post I never miss. Perhaps, you write less, or you write that brighten my heart is mysteriously co-incidental. :P

  2. Haha....no wonder you commented first....thank you for always supporting me and pulling me up!!!

  3. I never thought that someone would ever write about my blog. Thanks a ton, Kinley. You did it. You make me feel like I am a great blogger (which I am not). I am very much impressed with the way you coloured my blog, with your generous words. I look forward to writing more stories in the future, keep visiting. I hope you would also keep continuing writing and blogging.

  4. You are a great blogger sir, there is no doubt on that, at least for me, one of my inspiring blogger.
    Your welcome Sir and yeah, i would continue blogging though i have got no ability in words like you all do but atleast it keeps me going on with what least i have. :)

  5. Thank you Kinley for featuring my blog here. The words you have given are something that are way beyond my league of entitlements. Yet I will try my level best to justify your gifts. Thank you. Keep blogging.

  6. Your welcome Sherab. I really had fun reading your latest blog post on Bachelorhood.!!!:)

  7. Kinley you must all the posts of PSN. He really is a goody writer. I read all the blogs you mentioned here including yours too. Keep posting.

  8. By the way i have shared your article on facebook without your permission.The moment i saw the mentioned of PSN there i shared it directly. Hope it is ok with you. :)

  9. Thank you Dawa Pemo....i am still on my way with his blog...:)

  10. I can feel my nose bulge now.. ha ha. Anyways, thank u Dawa and kinley for your kind words/..

    have a nice day

  11. Glad to Receive your comments finally Nima SIr...hehe...Hats off...Love ur writings and keep on writing...

  12. Hi Kinley, I didn't know why I missed out this post and only read it today. Wow, I was surprised to see my blog featured and described here as the only foreigner blogger of yours. Thank you so much for your kind words la! I'm glad that you enjoy reading it. Have a wonderful day to you and best of luck on everything! Take care! :)