Sunday, 20 April 2014

Happiness....... Togetherness.......

Father, fist of the family bound by his strong love philosophy and clean heart, heads his family with radiation of  happiness shining from all sides. Supported by his other half, his wife guided by her own principles of running the family by keeping the mind and body of all members together nurtured with bubbles of love poured in hearts of all.
Placed on the palanquin garden of paradise, father and mother are considered gods by their four children. More of friends than siblings are how these childrens live by. A big joint family of in laws, chacha, chachi(paternal uncle and aunt) , mama, mami,(maternal uncle and aunt) family doctor, friends are all crumbled together in being love with the family where laughter and smiles guides the air inside  " Home" .
This is what we call "Hum saath saath hai"(togetherness).

The 1999 bollywood movie "hum saath saath hai" featuring various artist including Salman khan,Saif ali khan, Tabu, Karishma Kapoor, Sonali Bendre is one movie where there is no emotional family drama at all and all in all, from first to end, movie is an example of  how a  family bound with love and understanding can fight against all odds.

Respect for parents, elders , love, care and attention for children, between spouses, friends and all family members be it even a servant, is what keeps the Home "Home" and not just the rented "house". You enter a home and you start hearing laughter and smiles all around, even a stranger coming for the first time feels lighter in heart to evenly except the tea offer directly without having to hesitantly say "no, it's fine" 3 to 4 times finally to accept.
But this movie also shows how a small stain of negative thoughts against a family member will ruin the love and respect going on strong for so many years just within a second. It will effect not only two or three people, but all the members who had been interconnected emotionally to the family. This we can see in most of the Bhutanese families . Why do we see an old father sitting on a bus station public seat having said to be thrown out of house by son, daughter or in laws? Why do we hear the cases between siblings fighting for the lands and properties. Why do we encounter dozens of small  children roaming in streets with bare foot, teenagers drooled on with drugs?

Hum 7 7 hai shows the answer of why. There will be handful of people pouring in negativity into our hearts, we would encounter situations or moments of despair, we might be hated by our loved ones , we might be discouraged, but as long as we trust each other and keep our mind clean without hatred, even an excavator like stone hard machine would thick twice before eyeing the house. Love cleanses all dirt in mind. Smile refreshes the mood and laughter brightens the dullness. That is how we will always be 'HUM SAATH SAATH HAI".

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