Sunday, 6 April 2014

Exam freak overnight.

It's 12:30 a.m. Eyes are sore, body skin itchy with the sweats of midnight heat and brain about to blast with full saturation. Tomorrow is my first internal exam for the third year session and just few weeks back, i realized i haven't touched the book at all. In school, i was never a last minute person nor i would say i was constant everyday but i had at least the track of academic session within my control.

College life indeed is so free, no one to scold us, no one to tell us "pecha ta sa", always "trowa tenba jogay", having a great deal of fun BUT a big hammer of overload bangs us hard the night before our exam just like i'm having just now.

A great lump of biochemical synthetic terminologies, enzymatic reactions are still floating inside me currently. I felt i understood the concepts when i finished it but when i try to recollect, i see the heads, legs and the other parts of my theories all dancing separately in different compartments of my brain. It was a hard and tiring day for my brain today. This shall continue for one week.

I see myself there.....just now

Quite thankful though, this internal exam is making me at least go through it once. Otherwise, if it was final, i'm sure i would receive "Babaji ka thulu" during my result time..

Yaa chey!!! Ane zhay.....:P

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  1. I experienced last minute study for exam too during those days, only studied two hours before the exam Lolx! Anyway, all the best for your exam Kinley! :)