Thursday, 3 April 2014

A rain of false hope.

A rain of hope, perhaps just a rain
Poured down on this deep core of the earth
Thunder growling and lighting flashing prior to it
An immense feel of pleasure, long awaited

Standing tiger straight up from the bed
Cool breeze whispering through tiny holes
Wind of seldom flow took me outside the four walls
Trees and plants were seen dancing with hope

Memories long plunged inside the brain
Moments surrounded by snow and mountains
Walking with chill air kissing the lobe of ear
Resurfacing all the way into my thoughts

Thunder still growling, lighting still flashing
Wet patches of pseudo rain lie dead on the ground
The heat of afternoon still kept the ground warm
Countable rain drops, dried there helplessly

The feeling of disappointment encircled the place
The place so called Raichur, Tiny land of Heat
Music of hope vanished, growling subsided
Deceiving was what, the weather taught us
Another trigger of thought, carried me back to my walls.


  1. You know what? I hardly - hardly at all - write poems. Perhaps I am not a romantic person or I couldn't think refine. I think I can never compose poems, that's my feelings. But when I read this poem of yours, this feeling aroused in me; yes, I can also write poem. Thanks for inspiring me. Have a good day!

  2. I am in the process of developing the Shakespeare inside me. hehe..Me too, i have hardly written but at that moment, i had the feeling of expressing things in an aesthetic way rather directly and plain. My thoughts gave path to words which came flowing out into my blog and it does not particularly fall under any forms or elements of poetry It's just my own. :D

    Thank you for having me made you inspired but i guess, you would be far more better than me if you are to write. Try it. Will wait to see one in your page soon!!!!

  3. Beautiful poem Kinley! You expressed your feeling well in this poem... Keep it up!

  4. Thank you Rima Reyka for going through.....!!!