Thursday, 10 April 2014


As I strolled down through the music library of my Lumia 720, I caught one of it and the song played…

Choe dha nga…., Shegay mae….,Thuengay mae….., Chamgay mae” “Metshey gee….lamchekhaa….labthuedee jogay maee…” “chu da ngyaimo chamdo zum….tencha chikha choe dha nga…”  with Yeshey Choden and Misty Tandin, the melodious tune goes on ringing softly inside my head, from one end of ear to another, then around the brain and  down touches my heart, relaxes my body as I swiftly lie on the bed, eyes closed  with ear phones plucked inside my ears. The moment of never willing to let go off, flying along with the wave of music, reaching to the place never visited before.
This is the ultimate power of music. How much stressed we are, go and click onto our favorite songs, everything just settles down peacefully. I wonder who the hell came out with this idea of creating music, songs and tunes. If I trace my imagination back to thousandths of years when our ancestors just learned to be civilized and organized, it makes me think of the African like people dancing and singing round and round around a fire, without any proper tunes and songs and to entertain themselves, music just popped out naturally into their lives. May be even our stone-age ancestors would have started singing something like “yaa,,yaaa,,,,wooh..wooh..agalagalagalagaaa…..” (hehehe…)and gradually, it has reached to this stage in  current century.

Whenever we are like “Let’s party”, music is the main ingredient. A dull atmosphere would prevail, if there is no melody around. Music exist where ever there is celebrations, occasions and functions. Even if it’s a young children’s birthday party or an elderly retirement party, there is no fun without some “Dooong doong…..tsheng tsheng…….”.

A romantic date with our loved ones with Arjit Singh’s “Tum hi ho”  or Ugyen Panday’s “choe thongbe nim lay” from background just adds up the heat of hearts being connected. A small gathering of best friends reunion party  with some Ranveer Kapoor’s “sarda Haque….Rockstar”or our own “apar jagee style” rocks the place and rolls the fun all around with excitement.

In movies too, if there was no Singlem melody between Tandin Bidha and Tandin Sonam, I don’t think that the legend of Gasa lamai singye would have been that romantic. Like wise in Bollywood, without Shreya Goshal’s and Sonu Nigam’s “chori kiya re jiya”, Dabaang would have surely slipped away a bit for getting into Box Office. And how the hell would Korean drama’s touch us without its time to time sad and tragedy songs during lonely, melancholy hours of “oppa or jungpyo or oma’s” crying scenes all throughout the episodes. All in all, film industry’s main backbone is MUSIC and without it, maximum of the film would surely go tie tie fuse!!!:P:P

Music has become like one’s basic needs both during one’s depressed and stressed moments(for me, surely its my need during those times) and happiest moments as well. I am sure, music is with everyone and no person on this earth would say “I hate music”. Music are the voice of our feelings and a feeling of freedom and as said by Herhold Auerback “Music washes the soul, the dust of everyday life”…indeed very true.

Ooooo....I love this....!!

Yehehe...I love it far more......!!!

wufffff......i loff it tooooo..!!!

Wait......its my turn now....i loveeeeee EMINEM...:D.!!!

Away from reality, away from stress, a reason to smile, for all music lovers.


  1. wow.... had great time relaxing on the beautiful expression of yours.

  2. cool dude....